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Your Guide to Sustainable Growth

Natural food and beverage brands aspire to accelerate change.

With so many natural food and beverage brands coming online now, the natural space seems overridden with sameness to the average consumer. Every product that is B Corp Certified and organic wants to stand out, but how? It’s challenging to even survive in this space, let alone stand out.

Functional beverages that are woman-led face even deeper scrutiny than other brands. Long-held beliefs can yield systemic challenges. Wanting to “fit in” and “break out” at the same time is not where you want to be. Stagnation due to sameness too often causes natural brands to shrink from their potential.

Trying to be all things to all people is a bland recipe for a natural foods brand. It gives you no chance to up-level.

The problem is conventional thinking.

Playing it “safe” or “conservative,” is not fun, or even advisable. Especially in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space, you cannot be like everyone else and expect to win. Conscious risk-taking is how brands grow and get noticed by the consumer.

We need natural food and beverage brands to take a stand, now more than ever. Sharing your uniqueness is part of your purpose. It matters for our health, it matters for the planet. Yet all emerging natural brands have blind spots. It can be challenging, even downright scary, to navigate around uncertainty and unexpected events that arise when you can’t see your own shadow.

Let me guide you into a positive strategic place.

I get it. I’m a natural brands consultant — your guide and team builder — dedicated to shining the light on what needs to be done. I can help you overcome conventional thinking and blind spots that clip the wings of many emerging brands.

As a collaborator, I bridge “where you are” to “where you are going” and use my expertise and understanding of who you are to inform my guidance. As a servant leader, I mentor, develop, and empower teams by providing personal and professional support and tools so they can be successful. Working with me is an opportunity to 'up-level'. I'm a creator, creating something from nothing and serving as an agent of growth.

From a consumer marketing perspective, it is actually more authentic to persuade or educate a consumer to buy from a conscious place — sharing glimpses of enlightenment, peace, joy, love, acceptance, courage — rather than guilt or fear. Together we focus on value-based alignment. Know yourself and then know your consumer. We create and write strategy to get an emerging brand off the ground. I’ve helped multiple national brands become household names. I can help get us off the ground, next level, see things in a new way.

People are critical to any brand or team’s success. To me, fun comes naturally at work, whether it is an internal team or a client or vendor partner, when you genuinely like the people you work with. When there is alignment and trust, games and power struggles don't exist. 

Let’s discover the hope that your brand will offer to people and the planet as you unleash your profit and your potential.
For emerging functional beverage brands, I offer a clear guidance process — The Retail Discovery Map, an individual roadmap to help you reach your goals. Getting on the shelf at the store, while not an easy feat, represents only the beginning of the journey. My expertise helps demonstrate how to get customers to pull your product off the shelf at retail — in a clear, stepwise manner.

This process serves in-store retail strategies such as placement, POS, displays, promotions, and building in-store advocates. It builds upon field marketing expertise to go beyond — educating and collecting consumers for the brand in a sustainable way.

This strategic process is thoughtful, challenging, and custom to your brand. We’ll use a proven template to unleash an individualistic approach. What is your uniqueness, that connects with your consumer? The retail discovery map unearths the strongest emotional connections you can make with your consumer and helps create win-win solutions. How? We start with what makes you unique, work out from there to find success — as you define it.

Take the chains off of your brand... and watch it soar.

Unclip your wings, come out of the cage, take the chains off your brand. You can uplift and inspire your people—your employees, customers, and all other stakeholders.

The magic is that releasing your brand’s potential may only require subtle changes. Yet, in celebrating the uniqueness of a brand, we take it to that place that is absolutely next level.

Step out of the box and innovate. We’re not “making waves to make waves,” but recognize that when you speak from the heart, showing courage and bravery is the right thing to do. This can and will be FUN!

What’s at stake for your brand?

Without a clear guidance process — The Retail Discovery Map — you may find yourself dragging out the process, losing focus, or setting the wrong priorities in your business. What’s worse, you may find yourself bleeding cash while waiting for customers to recognize your brand and start purchasing.

The downside of not doing a diligent discovery process is the story of the planet itself — one of peril, an unfortunate byproduct of conventional thinking. We need leaders who will step up and play big to win — on behalf of humanity and the environment. It doesn’t have to be all drudgery, though. This is a chance to share the most special qualities of your brand, to spread your wings and fly.

Where you're going will change lives.

At the end of the day, natural health is everybody’s goal. We all have choices in the natural space.
Working for the triple bottom line — people, planet, and profit — is clearly better for everyone. We can’t afford to live non-sustainably anymore.

As your brand develops, you’ll see increased profits, company growth, and increased visibility. That’s where you need to go. I will get you to that next milestone. You’ll enjoy working with me as your brand takes off and you say to yourself, “This is exactly what we needed, someone to hold up a mirror, so we could more clearly see our challenges and potential for growth.”




Retail Activation Map

This is an individual roadmap to help you reach your goals. Getting on the shelf at the store, while not an easy feat, represents only the beginning of the journey. My expertise helps demonstrate how to get customers to pull your product off the shelf at retail — in a clear, stepwise manner.


Tools for a calm life

Turn chaos to calm with my online mini course. C.A.L.M. Cafe is for anyone who is feeling the stress of modern life and wants to learn how to experience more calm in their day. 

Come along with me as I teach you what I have learned so you can start enjoying THE CALM LIFE!


How Healthy is Your Team?

Whole and healthy teammates are happier and more productive. I will work with your team and design a customized strategy for each person to move them closer to their health goals, and most importantly help them map out a system to make small changes that will make a big difference, personally and professionally.



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